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Factors influencing the formation of tolerance towards non-Muslims in the time of the Safavids
The article is devoted to the study of the characteristics of the factors influencing the formation of a tolerant attitude towards non-Muslims in the time of the Safavids. It should be noted that as a result of the policy pursued by the Safavid ruling political and religious elite, non-Muslims living in the country were able to preserve their religious and ethnic freedom, and have the rights to preserve and develop their language and cultural values. Numerous sources confirm the existence of a tolerant attitude towards non-Muslims living in the country. A number of researchers studying the Safavid period also speak of the Safavids' tolerance of non-Muslims. For example, R. Mathieu, one of the well-known researchers of modern Safavid history, considers the Safavids to be an example of "pragmatic tolerance."

Safavids, non-Muslims, tolerant, zhimmi, Islamic law.

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