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Dervish as an Archetypal Character
In this article, the image of a dervish will be considered as an archetypal image in folklore. In folklore dervishes are known with their ability – performing supernatural miracles. Many folklorists unequivocally describe dervish as a person who played a key role in the spread of Sufism, one of the sects that spread after the establishment of Islam. When we look at the functions of the dervish in the sagas, we can find the direct and transformed remnants of shamanism in Turkish Sufism, which still exists today. The heroes of love epics overcome difficulties with the help of dervishes, and suddenly become well-known singers and heroes. In this article, the image of the dervish is considered from the point of view of Islam and shamanism.

dervish, archetype, epic, shamanism, sufism.

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