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Molla Nasreddin’s Traditions in Turkish Satirical Press of the Republican Period
The article deals with the Republican period of the 150-year-old Turkish satirical press. Satirical magazines published at this stage, such as “Diken”, “Güleryüz”, “Aydede”, “Akbaba”, “Marko Pasha” became the main subject of research. At the same time, the problems in the socio-political, literary, cultural and social life of the Turkish people are interpreted on the basis of examples from magazines. Turkish satirical magazines and newspapers, which were in a period of stagnation during the First World War and the War of Independence, entered a new stage of development after the proclamation of the Republic.The year 1928 is already characterized as the end of one stage and the beginning of anotherin the life of the press. Well-known writers such as Aziz Nesin, Sabahattin Ali, Rifad Ilgaz, Orhan Kemal worked in the Turkish satirical press, which operated freely with the establishment of the republic. The article deals with the influence of “Molla Nasreddin” magazine on the Turkish satirical press, which caused a great response in the Eastern world. Numerous Turkish satirical newspapers and magazines are compared with “Molla Nasreddin”. In general, in the examples of the Turkish satirical press, the literary school "Molla Nasreddin" has a strong influence. Unknown Turkish scienties and intellectual people – Nazim Hikmet, Hilmi Ujabash, Mammad Fuad Koprulu, Ibrahim Altay Govsu, Huseyn Kazim Gadiri, Salim Rafik Rafioglu, Vahab Yurtsever and others noted that the journal of "Molla Nasreddin" has a great reputation and importance in the Eastern world in different magazines, encyclopedies and books of literary history. “Molla Nasreddin” and Sabir are mentioned in the “Turkish Encyclopedia” and the role of this satirical press in Azerbaijan as well as in the Turkic world was emphasized it. The first number of Akbaba, published on December 7, 1922, was a weekly political satirical publication. After 208 magazine numbers, its publication was stopped and in 1933 and it was republished in new alphabet. The magazine has been operating for 55 years, alphabet at intervals, and has earned the right to be the longest-lived satirical magazine in Turkey. While “Akbaba”, was continuing its activities during the Republican period, it was published in November 1947 in “Marco Pasha”. “Marco Pasha” is the first politically oriented satirical newspaper.

Turkey, satirical press, “Akbaba”, “Marco Pasha”, “Molla Nasreddin” magazine.

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