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On the Azerbaijani language and language reform in the works of Rasul Rza
The vocabulary of the language is constantly updated. Changes in life are reflected in the language and are always developed and improved. But these changes do not affect all areas of linguistics. Language vocabulary is an area that has undergone more changes than other areas. Since relations between nations have expanded since ancient times, borrowing between languages becomes necessary. This is a necessary process for borrowing new words and phrases in the vocabulary of the language associated with new achievements and new concepts. From this point of view, the vocabulary of the language is enriched mainly in two ways; the first is the national language, which is the product of the people; the other is borrowing from other languages. The main goal of linguistics is the development of issues that are among the important tasks of the era, due to the internal capabilities of the language in order to reveal all the richness of the native language. Since the mid-twentieth century, R. Rza conducted a comprehensive analysis to protect our language. First of all, he tried to enrich the vocabulary of his native language at the expense of his own capabilities. He created new words and expressions depending on the purpose of the style to describe the event with expression. The poetry of R. Rza defends laconicism, giving it meaning. By the way, he masterfully used our national poetry and classical poetry to create original art in new shades. RasulRza, who wrote a well-known page in the history of Azerbaijan’s national poetry in the 20th centure, entered the literary realism with individual expression style and creativity.In addition to becoming a poet of the new poetry of Azerbaijan, he has also been known as an authoritative leader in linguistic science, author of objective throughts and word creativity.He did his best to develop linguistics through his throughts and assumptions on various issues of our language.

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