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Kur’an Eğitiminde Mûsikî Faktörü Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme
Music is an important factor in the education and teaching of the Qur'an. It is described as the art of arranging musical sounds in a way that is pleasing to our hearing organ. Qur'an education and training is a practice that has continued from generation to generation from the time of the Prophet to the present day. While imitation, suggestion, question and answer methods come to the fore in religious education and training, a unique method such as ‘mutual voiceover’ consisting of the earth and the sky comes to the fore in the education and teaching of the Qur'an. When the reasons for the lack of success in Qur'anic education are examined; crowded classrooms in places providing education, not paying attention to the Qur'an lesson, not internalizing the main objectives, not enough number of educators, students not understanding the sense of responsibility fully, the necessity of the lesson being negative for the students, the negative reflections of the practice differences of the trainers on the students, the differences in dialect and dialect of the students are mentioned. Factors such as the presence of problems caused by it, the limited technological opportunities that will enable the lesson to be given comfortably in pedagogy, the lack of motivation of the students towards the lesson, the feelings of coldness of the students towards the instructor or their negative perspectives are mentioned. There are many factors in increasing efficiency in Qur'an education. It is seen that one of the most important of these is the musical knowledge factor of the instructor who gives the lesson. Music, which is one of the most important spiritual and physiological needs of a human being, has a significant impact on students in the education of the Qur'an and increases their enthusiasm for the lesson. The method of the research is based on literature review in general, and some knowledge and approaches based on experience will be used by following an analytical way.

Qur'an, Musiqi, Tune, Taganni, Education.

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