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Sarf-Kıraat İlişkisi (Me‘âni’l-Kur’ân Eserleri Bağlamında)
One of the areas of interaction between the Arabic language and the recitations is the science of sarafah. Morphology, which deals with the structures of words, has played an active role in analyzing aspects of recitation arising from the different uses of nouns and verbs. One of the most striking aspects of the recitation differences is the changes in the word structure. Reading a verb in the form of both past and imperative verbs, reciting a word as both a noun and a verb, and the change of root-derived patterns in elephants reveal the breadth of the recitation-consumption field. The works of me'ani'l-Qur'an, in which the recitations are frequently processed and there are extensive interpretations in terms of consumption and qiraat, are important sources for examining the relationship between the science of reciting and recitation. Linguists who signed the works called Me‘ani'l-Qur'an, sometimes supported the recitations arising from the structural differences of words, sometimes supported them with examples from Arabic theology, and sometimes tried to clarify the subject by making meaning-oriented approaches. In this study, we will try to reveal the relationship between recitation and consumption by examining the opinions, disagreements and evidences of linguists.

Kiraat, Quran, Sentence, Sarf, Nahiv

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