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Ahlakın İnşasına Anlam ve Değer Katan Otantik Bir Esma-i Hüsna: Er-Rahman
Morality has existed as a universal principle throughout human history. The individual and society lived on moral principles and contributed to the civilizations. With the development and change of humanity, moral values have been violated from time to time. Especially in our age where technology is developing at an advanced level, the construction of a morality-centered society has become extremely difficult. Because material advances have distanced people from spiritual values and humanity has determined its place in the universe with a purely material view. In this context, as Muslims of the modern period; It is of utmost importance that we build Islamic morality in the family, economy, politics, environment, media and many other areas. In order for the morality to be built to be applicable and acceptable in all fields, the principles on which morality will be built must be universal. Because a principle that does not appeal to everyone is far from being applied and accepted. Two of Allah's names are directly attributed to Him. These are the names of "Allah and Rahman". For this reason, it is important to emphasize the name of Rahman in the verse, "Say: Whether you pray by saying Allah or Rahman." Therefore, Allah's name "ar-Rahman" is a principle that is both universal and needed by all humanity. The violent tendencies that material developments have inflicted on the soul and mind of humanity, the endless wars and food crises in the world show that compassion is lacking in the morality of people and societies. At this point, we see that the name Rahman means "compassion, merciful and pity" and that the name Rahman adds meaning and value to the construction of morality. Because it is not possible for people to adopt morality that is not kneaded with compassion. Therefore, if there is no mercy in the construction of morality, the construction of morality is incomplete. The name Rahman not only builds moral values, but also gives the Rahmani perspective to the approach of those who adopt it to existence. Both in the besmelah and in the other suras of the Qur'an, the name Rahman is explained in a way that encompasses all humanity. In other words, the name Rahman is a name addressed not only by Muslims, but also by all of humanity. In this context, the name Rahman is not limited to Muslims in the construction of morality. Therefore, we believe that the name Rahman is an important principle for the construction of a universal morality.

Qu’ran, Rahman, Morality, Society, Individual.

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