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The Role and the Importance of Multinational Companies in Determining Global Policies
Multinational Companies which has become an important part of the world economy and politics, has been the subject of research for both political scientists and economists. The strength of the multinational corporations, which are getting stronger day by day in economic and political terms, is comparable to the power of nation states. Some authors argue that nation-states still maintain their influence as a political and economic power because multinational companies do not have the legislative, executive, judiciary and armed forces that nation-states have. Some authors argue that multinational corporations have a significant limitation on the sovereignty of nation-states because of their tendency to spread worldwide, their economic assets and their ability to influence the decision-making processes of nation states. The aim of this study is; it concerns not only the economic aspects of an economic phenomenon, but also its political aspects. The aim is to provide information about the effects of multinational corporations on international economic and political policies, public opinion formation, and their effects on the country's economy. For this reason, the development of MNCs has been examined by taking into consideration the historical process and the definitions of multinational companies obtained from domestic and foreign sources are given priority. It also explains the organizational structures of multinational companies and their relations with international economic organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF and the OECD. In a part of the study, evaluations about our country are included.

Multinational Companies, Power, Nation State, New World Order, Sovereignty.

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