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Kamu Okullarında Örgütsel İklime İlişkin Öğretmen Görüşleri
The aim of this research is to determine the organizational climate views of teachers working in public schools about their schools. The survey model research was applied to 280 teachers working in Mersin city center. “School Climate Scale” was used in the study, which was adapted to schools and analyzed for validity and reliability by Canlı, Demirtaş, and Özer (2018). In this study, teachers showed that in the sub-dimension of democracy and dedication to school, teachers in their schools were understanding towards each other, and teachers and students respected individual differences; On the other hand, it was observed that they were reluctant to take ownership of the school and take responsibility for school-related issues. In the leadership and interaction sub-dimension, principals behave fairly in situations such as disciplinary practices, course distribution, task distribution, teachers easily convey their requests to their principals, the resources they need are provided by their principals, but their opinions are not taken into account before making a decision about the school, teachers' opinions are not asked during the decision process, school principals are the only that they decide on their own. Participation in the decision brings with it ownership. Managers sincerely give the message that they are valued and their opinions are respected by enabling employees to participate in decisions on matters that concern them. The result of the research is also that the problems in the school are not discussed openly. This shows that school administrators do not listen to the thoughts and suggestions of their employees, or even if they do, whether they reflect it or not in the decision process, as a result, they take decisions alone. According to the findings, students strive to increase their success and employees fulfill their responsibilities in student learning. A positive school climate places emphasis on academic development, advancement and learning. Climate is an organizational feature that affects all students, teachers, parents and school administrators. For this reason, it directly affects students. According to research findings, employees enjoy spending time together. Above all, the fact that the employees are happy to be in the institution improves the feeling of trust and develops an intense friendship and solidarity environment. This increases the sense of commitment to work. Finally, in the study, teachers stated that there is no tense atmosphere in their schools. Intra-organizational conflicts affect the efficiency, effectiveness and climate of the organization. In the study, it was concluded that teachers' perceptions of the school climate were at a moderate level in the total score.

Organization, organizational climate, public school.

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