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Kıraat Farklılıklarının İslâm Hukuk Metodolojisindeki Pratik Rolü Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme -Mutlak ve Mukayyed Konusu Bağlamında-
The fact that the Holy Qur'an ranks first among the primary evidences in Islamic law has revealed that it is directly related to the science of qiraat. For this reason, Qiraat has a special place and importance among the basic Islamic sciences. In the early years of Islam, the verses that were revealed were first taught to Muslims and then these verses were transmitted to other believers. However, over time, the emergence of differentiations in the Qur'anic recitation called the 'seven letters', as well as the emergence of authentic as well as inauthentic recitations, directly affected the Islamic legal doctrine. Especially at the point of understanding the divine word in the most accurate way, the differences in qiraat have caused differences of opinion among scholars. In this study, the differences of opinion among Islamic scholars in the context of absolute and muqayyad words due to the differences in Qiraat are discussed. In particular, the differences of qiraat that affect the approaches of the four madhhabs on the subject are analyzed. It has been determined that the fact that Islamic scholars have different perspectives in the context of the authenticity of the qiraat is effective in their disagreement on absolute and muqayyad words.

The Qur'an, Qiraat, Islamic Law, Absolute, Muqayyad.

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