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Sahih Kıraatler Bağlamında Abdestte Ayakların Meshi Meselesi Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme
The main sources of Islam gave great importance to both the material and spiritual cleanliness of man. In this context, it has been stated that the fulfillment of some worships is conditional on ablution, and it has been stated that worship will not be accepted unless it is cleaned. The historical process has revealed the importance that Muslims attach to this issue. So much so that especially the fiqh literature has dealt with the issue in the finest details. However, the different ways in the pronunciation of the word "ercül" in the ablution verse have also caused some conflicts. Some viewers consider it sufficient to wipe the feet while making ablution. The majority of Islamic scholars, on the other hand, emphasize the necessity of washing the feet while making ablution. In this article, it is planned to make a detailed explanation on the subject.

Qur'an, Qira’a, Ablution, Mesh, Washing.

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