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Tecvid Kavramı ve Tarihsel Gelişiminin Analitik Bir Değerlendirmesi
Qur'an has made various interventions to the society in which it was revealed. It has made a range of corrections from customs and traditions to the concepts used. In this context, it has also intervened in the concepts in the society that the Qur'an built fourteen centuries ago and assigned new meanings. Concepts have come down to the present day on the basis of dictionary meaning from jahiliyyah to the Islamic period and its aftermath, occasionally undergoing changes in meaning. The concept of tajwid was also used in terms of its origin during the period of jahiliyyah. However, the direct infinitive form was not used. Within the origin meanings of the concept of tajwid used in the period of jahiliyyah, the meanings of “being good / doing well ” and “beautiful” were used very commonly. And in the following times, it was defined as a concept. Those who read the Qur'an, on the other hand, try to make their reading good and beautiful by taking the rules of tajwid into account, and so the good and beautiful meanings of the concept have come to the fore. In this study, it will be tried to focus on the definitions of the concept of tajwid based on its origin and the stages it has gone through in the historical process.

Qur'an, Recitation, Tajwid, Semantics, Process.

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