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Function of the Consumption Society and a Culture of Popular Culture in Turkish Cinema: Dondurmam Gaymak Film Investigation
Today, the media has become one of the most active institutions in the society. Individuals who produce is which is not real in the world, encounter a virtual culture and adapt to this interaction in a short time with the effect of the media. Movements in the culture of consumption play a central role in the understanding of today's society, creating a basis for the emergence of certain ideologies and popular culture tools. The concepts of consumption society, especially with modernization, are the factors determining the status and classes in daily life. With this study, the functions of consumer society will be examined together with the concept of popular culture. The media culture which replaces traditional culture will be evaluated within the framework of the concepts of ü consumption “and” consumption culture traditional. The main aim of the study is to put forth the efforts of both producers and consumers together with the media and consumerism shackles together with globalization. In conclusion, in the 21st century capitalism wheel and the siege of modernity, the fact that the production society is replaced by the consumer society, the relationship between the consumption and the power of the media to influence and even change the attitudes and behaviors of individuals will be examined. The study consists of two main parts. In the first chapter; consumer society and popular culture in Turkey to examine the effects on the city and the individual; consumption in globalized world will be examined in the theoretical framework. In the second part of the study; the criticism of consumerism and popular culture will be evaluated from the Turkish cinema films ’Dondurmam Gaymak ‘by using the discourse analysis method.

popular culture, consumption, modernity, globalization.

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